Platinum Coverage

See contract for details

All Vehicle Components are covered except those listed below:

• Anti-theft systems

• Battery

• Body Panels

• Bolts/Nuts/Fasteners unless needed in conjunction with a covered repair.

• Brake Lining and Brake Pads

• Catalytic Converter

• Coolant Hoses and Drive Belts

• Drums and Rotors except when damaged by a covered part

• Exhaust System

• Glass and any treatments or chemicals related to any glass

• Lenses

• Light Bulbs, Halogen bulbs or H.I.D Diodes

• Manual Transmission Clutch components

• Moldings/Weather-Strips

• Paint

• Passive or active safety and restraint systems, and any sensors and/or components related to those systems.

• Radio/speaker equipment

• Recreational Vehicle equipment

• Remote Controls, Key Fobs or Keyless components

• Sealed Beams

• Sheet Metal/Bumpers

• Shocks and Struts

• Spark Plugs and Wires

• Suspension Air Bags

• Telephones, Satellite Services or Systems

• Televisions

• Tires/Wheels/Wheel Covers

• Trim

• Upholstery/Convertible & Vinyl Tops

• Video Entertainment and/or Gaming Systems

• Wiper Blades

• Any Aftermarket Parts

​• Any Component listed in the section entitled “What Is Not Covered”

• Any equipment when not installed by the manufacturer

• The components described in the Vehicle’s Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule when such components are repaired or replaced as part of routine or manufacturer-recommended Maintenance.